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Ник: steamunlocked

Индекс Клуба: 0

Последнее посещение: 08.08.2021

Фамилия: unlocked

Имя: steam

Возраст: 26

Пол: мужской

Страна: USA

Город: San Francisco

Место работы: San Francisco

Портфолио: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Profile/steamunlocked

Twitter: https://twitter.com/unlocked_steam

МойКруг: https://steamunlocked.one/

Хабрахабр: https://steamunlocked.one/

Подробнее обо мне: So you have been fired from your comfy, well paid, corporate job and now you just want to watch the world burn. Careful what you wish for! Waiting for a train to St. Elsewhere you affectionately applied to a job offer posted on Phasebook saying you can become the Master of Trains. To your amazement you got a call seconds later from an unknown number. All you remember is picking up and… You rule the train stations across time and space. Your job is to master the railway demolition and create ultimate train-mayhem. Fulfill Deaths’ special wishes and maybe, maybe you will get a promotion. You will encounter the irresponsible, the entitled, the vain, the rich and famous, the creepy and all the others who think they can make it. Execute. Them. All. Beware of Trains is a twisted, violent puzzle sandbox unlike anything you have seen before.

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